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World Water Day 2024

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) celebrates World Water Day 2024

The Department Biological Sciences at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has recently commemorated World Water Day 2024 with guest sessions at the university campus. The event was conducted to educate students on the role they can play in supporting access to clean water that will enhance sanitation and proper hygiene.

The United Nations (UN) has set aside every March 22 to celebrate World Water Day so that more awareness can be raised on the critical significance of water to sustainable life. This year’s theme for the day is ‘Water for Prosperity and Peace’, which indicates that water is powerful to ensure peace and security within societies. The theme of each year focuses on topics relevant to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), which is in line with the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Delivering the opening remarks, Dr. A. Senthil Kumar, the Dean of the School of Science and Information Technology (SSIT), stated that water is highly essential to both human and animal lives. He added that the changes we face today as a result of climate alterations are having a tremendous impact on water availability. Hence, peace has been destabilized in communities, forcing them to fight over scarce water.

Speaking during the occasion, Prof. (Dr.) Arun Deep Ahluwalia, a renowned geologist and environmentalist who gave a talk via Zoom on the topic ‘Story of water: The Lifeline of All on the Earth’, explained that water is important for the conservation of our water bodies, the top soil and the forest reserves. He added that harvesting rainwater and improving the water table are important for creating a sustainable environment.

Mr. Mudassir Y. Ibrahim, the second guest speaker who graced the occasion, discussed the topic ‘Water for Peace.’ He explained that climate change and population rise are shaping rivers in Nigeria. He also advised on the adoption of water conservation so that life can be sustainable in the future.

Giving the closing remarks, Dr. Sanjoy Pal, a lecturer in the department of biological sciences at SUN, appreciated the guest speakers for accepting the invitation to speak to the students.

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