Skyline University Nigeria

International Women's Day 2024

SUN celebrates International Women’s Day 2024

On Friday 8th March, 2024, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) celebrated International Women’s Day 2024 in grand style alongside the global celebrations. The event gathered successful women from different spheres of life who came together to celebrate victories, discuss challenges and explore empowerment opportunities that can enable the inclusion of women in strategic positions.

Delivering the opening remarks for the occasion, the Dean of the School of Arts, Management and Social Sciences (SAMSS), Dr. Sudha Mavuri, said she is confident that women will attain successful roles in the future. She added that there has been an increase in the education of girls, which is evident in the number of students studying at SUN. According to the theme of IWD 2024, ‘Inspire Inclusion’, the participation of women is still a challenge despite its importance in societal development.

Professor Hassana Sani Darma and Dr. Meenakshi Anantram were the two guests invited to share wonderful insights and experiences with the other guests invited for the program. Dr. Anantram, who spoke first during the occasion, said women are invaluable gifts to mankind who are tasked with the responsibility of building homes and nurturing ethics and values in their generation. As a highly accomplished, globally noted scientist and author, she said women have to forge through all the storms of building and protecting their brands.

While congratulating the women presented at the occasion for their individual successes, she advised them to be very meticulous in choosing a great network. The circle of supporters and motivators will allow them to realize their potential.

In her remarks, Prof. Darma explained that women fail to visualize their hidden talents that can be leveraged as platforms for success. She admitted that her father’s investment in her education is what has paved the way for her career success. As a former director for the Centre of Gender Studies at Bayero University Nigeria and a special education professional, she highlighted her personal journey of dealing with a child who has special needs.

She said that apart from women, people with special needs have always been relegated almost everywhere, hence the need for intensified efforts for inclusion. She said the event organized by SUN is commendable and the stories shared by the participants have been incredible. She then charged the women to support one another as the real architects of social development.

In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor of SUN, Prof. Ajith Kumar V. V., said the role of mothers in social upbringing is incontestable. He recounts how the support of his mother was instrumental in his education.

The guests and participants were given mementos for their exceptional achievements and support for societal development in education, entrepreneurship and other endeavors.