Skyline University Nigeria


SUN Human Resource Department organizes Social Media Training for Academic Support staff

The human resources department at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has organized a social media training for academic support staff at the university. The session was conducted to acquaint the staff with recent developments in the social media industry and how they can be utilized for maximum input.

In his remarks, the head of the Human Resources department at SUN, Mr. M. Yesudhason, said the university is consistently trying to upskill its staff. “The management understands the imperative of equipping the skills of the entire staff, which is why it will continue to invest in that,” he added.

Mr. Babajide Munis, the resource person for the online training, said that social media is one of the key elements for professional and personal branding. He added that “networking is an essential part of social media that allows people to participate in global discussions through effective learning.”

He further explained that internal communication can be enhanced by social media platforms so that staff can work together effectively. Mr. Munis then encouraged the staff to keep up with social media updates so that they could remain relevant at all times.

Mr. Lukman Kadir, one of the participants from the Media and Communications department at the university who attended the training, explained his satisfaction with the conduct of the session. He highlighted that the interface was interactive and enlightening.