Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Students’ Service Department Sets to Boost Students’ Clubs in Career Development

In addition, the university has recorded success in the introduction of student-based creative activities and career training, which are some of the visions of the institution of higher learning. In this academic session, the management is proud to empower a career-development department, a sub-unit of the Students’ Service Department (SSD) to prepare students for a future career.

The SSD is essential to the educational vision of Skyline University Nigeria, and without it, one of the educational visions of the university may not be attained. This is because SSD tries to understand the student’s needs and give them a shape to foster career experience. SSD, therefore, help to provide a fully integrated field of experience across students curricular and social lives.

Members of the SSD of Skyline University Nigeria, buoyed by the tradition of success for both the institution and the students, have set to distinguish themselves and make the university proud, following the need for a career-oriented development lab (Creative zone) and outside classrooms career experience for students. SSD has emerged to boost career developments in students’ clubs.

Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Sudhakar Kota has listed entrepreneurship and career development in students as part of the vision of the university and enjoined all faculty and staff members to cooperate with the SSD in seeing the success of career development and outside classrooms experience in the students for the good of all.

Speaking in an interview with some of the members of the SSD, Mr. Nazim Islam and Ms. Mary Ohiowele, have expressed that this move is yet another good news for Skyline University Nigeria as the students are beginning to develop keen interests in learning outside classrooms experience. “Many of the non-class time hours are taken up with creative works, reading, taking up extracurricular activities etc. It is in these times that students interact with one another in the creative zone or entrepreneurship centres, a rich laboratory which engages their action and learning in the university”. Mr. Nazim added.

According to Ms. Mary, “We do understand that some students may not be motivated, giving the nature of their background, so we are starting with the few interested students. We also have a monthly newsletter that will showcase creativity and students’ participation, as well as guide them through other clubs like graphics design, creative content writing, Programmeming, coding, digital marketing, etc.”

The Vice-Chancellor, while acknowledging contributions by the management to the success of the SSD, Creative Zones and Entrepreneurship Centre, urged the students of the university to strive to find their niche as a first step towards achieving their dreams of being successful entrepreneurs. He concluded that the management will, in the end, sponsor the best entrepreneur students with grants and training to the UAE.