Skyline University Nigeria

Testimonials from Students of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) to Help keep your mood up while Studying at Home

In the fight against the further spread of Covid-19 outbreak, all institution of higher learning, secondary and primary schools are shut down nationwide. In a situation like this, it’s ok to feel bored, worried and confused about the status of your university’s graduation as scheduled in your application letter. While Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has adopted virtual learning in the past months, students of the university have resorted to studying from home, via virtual classes. While schools are temporarily closed, we have anonymously gathered some testimonial from our students to help keep your study mood up and stay positive in this time of uncertainties.

“Am studying from home and I have everything I need. Online classes start at 9:00 am the earliest. The lessons are taking place as usual and it is very convenient. Interestingly, it has helped in boosting our digital skills. I take classes in my room all day long but I just missed school because of friends and the encouragement I get amongst Skyline University community.

I must admit, it is sometimes boring to sit at home all day but we have to cope with this for the sake of our safety.”

“While taking lectures from home, I realized how much I got lost in the things I had to do to prepare for campus every day, attending classes, getting assignments done, following up on academic clubs and every other activity that keep students busy, while at the same time forgetting how important it is to spend time with family. I started again to tend to family needs to bring some colours back into my life. With some effort, I will put a smile on the faces of my family while I take classes online.

These days, I keep my mind productive and put your thoughts and ideas into writing. Maybe this will be the beginning of a new desire to learn creative writing. Stay safe, stay indoors!”

“The first week after Skyline University answered the call of the National Universities Commissions (NUC) on lockdown, not many places were closed and I could still go out and come back at will. Soon as the virus spreads to more states in Nigeria, all the places I could go out to became closed and sitting at home became boring. Usually, I would put on my phone or laptop and be entertained simply but my parents feel that is not a healthy way to keep going amidst the lockdown.

So, when the university announced the adoption of a virtual class and lecture timetable were sent to students, I have found a much better way of entertaining myself, particularly connecting with coursemates on the virtual class platform, as well as discussing important projects and assignments. I also love reading and am reading now for my exams.”

“At the campus, I could approach the Professors at any time if I have questions and I can also discuss with my classmates at will. Today, I miss my friends physically and staying at home for such a long time has become boring. But its been a relieve having the ability to log into the online platform while learning from home, using a digital device and an internet connection.

When I first learned about the lockdown, I was happy, about the extended vacation but now, I just want everything to go back to being normal.”

“I don’t see this as an extended holiday and I would not advise students around the world whose schools have been closed due to Covid-19 to do the same. There is a reason why we are out of school, which is to stop the further spread of the virus. It is not time for us to lose our mind and be unhappy. We are studying differently and if we stopped now, how are we supposed to remember where we left off before the closure of schools? I keep learning with online classes, through the university’s online platform. I read books, learning new catering skill online to keep my mood up because this is an opportunity to try new things.

What I would tell other students going through the same situation around the world is to try and do the things you enjoy.”