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Facts varsity admission team won’t tell applicants

The “top secrets or hidden facts” are about what happens “behind the curtain” in the admissions office.

The list is endless and include how applications are read, how decisions are made, the type of conversations that take place and why one student get in and another doesn’t.

Here are few things admission officers wish they could share with prospective university students during the admissions process.

  • There are arguments over you

Admissions officers typically need to make a case for borderline applicants at faculty meetings. This is a good thing, since having a passionate advocate means your application stood out from the crowd. But it also means not everyone is going to agree on the matter.

  •  Your high school is important too

Officers will always have a profile of your high school, whether it’s part of your application or as electronic resource.

– Don’t seek unnecessary favour

Admission officers dislike applicants’ subtle attempts at currying favour and this kill the affected persons’ chances of securing places in the university.