Skyline University Nigeria

Physically Challenged Youths to Enjoy 10-Day Free Training on Web Designing

In the past three years, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has put a spotlight on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to reach millions of people across the country. Recently, the University commenced a 10-Day training on web designing course for the physically challenged as a continuation of the 2020-2021 CSR activity with the Site Savers, Part of whom were awarded Diploma in Computer Science earlier in March 2021, under the ‘Educate Community Programmeme’ of the university.

It would be recalled that the Educate Community Programmeme was launched as part of the university’s CSR project to help physically challenged youths educationally, mentally and financially as well as to drive national impact on education. The training will run from 30th August – 10th September 2021 at the university campus computer laboratory.

The training will introduce the participants to the process of designing and developing websites. Unlike web development, which is mainly about functionality, Web design will include aesthetics, which is concerned about the look and feel of the site as well as its functionality. The tools used include HTML, Style it with CSS, and then make it interactive using JavaScript.  

With these basics of web design, the students can gain knowledge on how websites are laid out by browsers. It will also give an idea about the Document Object Model, which the JavaScript code will interact with, to dynamically change the web pages, allowing students to design and create a personal web page and demonstrate their skills by making their website.

Dr. Vijay Arputharaj, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Information & Communications Technology, Skyline University Nigeria, also an instructor of the training Programmeme, while highlighting some of the progress expected of the participants, stated that the Programme will be covered by using a mix of teaching methodologies. These methodologies include classroom lectures, practical sessions, lab projects, and group activities along with normal lectures.